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Read Me Instructions

Thanks for purchasing the Selecta Tools "Drops Creator Kit."


You have purchased an Ableton Live Template with 4 drop variations created for you to "reverse engineer" plus dozens of production work parts for you to create your own custom drop variations.



Creating truly professional Selecta or DJ drops, intros etc takes a lot of time, knowledge and experience. However, with our template and custom work parts, we have attempted to make the process a little easier for you to achieve professional radio quality Selecta or DJ drops.


While we cannot cover all the variations, tips & tricks to creating your own Selecta or DJ drops, we can help you get started by suggesting the following parts of a selecta or DJ drop that will help you customize the existing template.


Parts in a Selecta or DJ Drop

1 - The Intro should be an attention getter like an impact, hit, scratch or other short event


2 - Add a white noise background that can lasts until the end of the drop


3 - Include a short punch riser/transition/scratch that introduces the next voiceover/drop


4 - Add the Selecta or DJ Voiceover/Vocal Drop


5 - Place a short punch riser/transition/scratch that introduces the voiceover/drop


6 - Add another Selecta or DJ Voiceover/Vocal Drop


7 - The ending element can be a scratch, power down, tape stop or just a fade out can work wonders



1. Try splitting vocal phrases into small sections at the start for a stutter effect

2. Layer those stutters with complimentary "hits"

3. Use effects that rise then fall to introduce new elements

4. Use white noise in the background to fill in empty spaces

5. Use the Combo effects to give you inspiration


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