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Frequently Asked Questions


Question #1:

Does this package include the Ableton Software?

Answer #1:

No. You must already have it installed on your computer or purchase it from They offer a 90 day free trial as well.



Question #2:

I don't have a good voice to record my dj name voiceover, can you help me by producing a "dj name only" voiceover?

Answer #2:

We offer voice over services. Send us a message for more info.



Question #3:

I need more "work parts" to create different drops, can you provide them for me?

Answer #3:

We will be providing themed "work parts" ie house, urban etc very soon. Be sure to subscribe to receive new product information delivered to your inbox.



Question #4:

Why Ableton Live?

Answer #4:

Because Its PC & Mac capable and has all the built-in plug-ins and effects needed to achieve a radio quality sound (no 3rd party plugins needed).



Question #5:

Can you give detailed instructions on the effects, groupings & chain settings setup?

Answer #5:

Its all available for you to view in the template.



Question #6:

 Is this the "best" setup in ableton to achieve a pro sounding selecta or dj drop?

Answer #6:

Its "one" way of achieving a great sound. There are many other ways in terms of chains, mastering settings and 3rd party plug-ins to achieve a great sound. We don't claim to be Ableton gurus but we think this setup is clean, professional and and will provide a top notch sound.



Question #7:

Once purchased, when will the download link be available?

Answer #7:

The link to download the product will be made available immediately after completing  payment.



Question #8: Will I be able to achieve a professional result from this template?

Answer #8: You have all the resources, work parts and settings required to produce professional Selecta or DJ drops. However, depending on your level of Ableton knowledge, creativity and drop production knowledge your results may vary. We think you will be very happy with the quality you can produce using the template and work parts included - the rest is up to you!


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